An Introduction to Floor Markings

Warehouse with floor markingFloor markings are something that just about everyone sees on a regular basis, including people who do not work in warehouses or factories. Despite the fact that floor markings are so common, most people do not give much thought into how they are planned out, installed, and kept in good condition. For safety managers and other people who are responsible for this type of thing, spend a significant amount of time planning out how to get the most benefit from their floor markings.

Types of Floor Markings

There are three main types of floor markings that are used in various facilities. Understanding each of the options will help you to make the best decisions on what to use in each situation.

  • Floor Marking Tape – Floor marking tape is made from a very durable material and uses powerful adhesives to stick to most any type of flooring. It comes in many colors, and can even be printed off in various shapes to convey any message that is needed.
  • Floor Marking Paint – Paint is a great option that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is long lasting and when applied correctly, can create any shape or symbol needed. As with floor marking tape, the most common use for this is on long aisle markings or other similar uses.
  • Floor Marking Lights – This is by far the least commonly used option, but it does have some benefits. Using light projectors, it is possible to make any design needed on the floors. This option is most commonly used for areas that only need temporary floor markings.

Common Uses of Floor Markings

Floor markings are a type of visual communication. Each marking is meant to convey some type of information to the people who are in the area. There is really no limit to the number of uses that a facility can have for floor markings. It will all depend on what they are trying to accomplish. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Improving Safety – Floor markings can improve safety by giving instructions on where high-lows should drive or ensuring people do not approach a dangerous area. They can also be used to alert people to a fall hazard or other danger in the area.
  • Giving Directions – Floor markings are often used to give directions on where things are. This could include helping people find where fire extinguishers are located, giving directions to the nearest exit, or any number of other things.
  • Keeping Things Organized – Floor markings are commonly used to reserve an area of the floor for storing specific things. For example, a facility may designate one area for parking a forklift when it is not used. The floor markings will remind people not to put anything else in that spot so that it is ready when the forklift is returned.

These are just a few of the most common categories of reasons that facilities use floor markings. Even within each of these categories there are dozens of different ways that a floor marking can be used. Taking the time to think about all the possibilities is a great way to make the best use of the floor space.

Caring for Floor Markings

Once floor markings are installed in an area, it is important to care for the properly. As with anything in a facility, floor markings will last much longer if they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Both floor marking tape and floor marking paint can be quickly cleaned using normal floor cleaning processes such as sweeping and mopping.

If floor marking paint starts to chip off due to heavy traffic in an area, it should be reapplied to help keep it easy to see. Reapplying the paint in the areas where it is worn off will also help to keep more of it from coming off over time. Similarly, floor marking tape can get worn out or pulled up over time. In this case, it may be necessary to pull up, or cut off, small sections of the tape so that it can be replaced. Leaving the damaged tape in place could cause a fall hazard or other issue, which is why it is so important to keep it in good condition.

Fortunately, both floor marking tape and paint are very durable. They both use industrial ingredients or materials so they can stand up to even the heaviest of traffic areas for years at a time. With proper care, the floor markings in your facility will be a great investment that provide you with many benefits long into the future.

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